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Adding Confidentiality to Application-Level Multicast by Leveraging the Multicast Overlay

C. Abad (Escuela Superior Politenica del Litoral),

I. Gupta (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign),

W. Yurcik (National Center for Supercomputing Applications)


State Checksum and Its Role in System Stabilization

C-T. Huang (University of South Carolina at Columbia),

M. G. Gouda (University of Texas at Austin)


Dynamic Load Balancing Using Network Transferable Computer

M. Hisayuki,

S. Inoue,

Y. Kakuda (Hiroshima City University),

K. Toda,

K. Suzaki (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Research and Technology)


Implementation Issues of Parallel Downloading Methods for a Proxy System

J. Funasaka,

A. Kawano,

K. Ishida (Hiroshima City University)


Distributed Byzantine Mutual Exclusion Algorithm and Application to Byzantine Storage Systems

J. M. Kim (Information and Communications University, Korea),

Y. Manabe (NTT Cyber Space Laboratory)


A New TCP Congestion Control Method Considering Adaptability over Satellite Internet

H. Obata,

S. Takeuchi,

K. Ishida (Hiroshima City University)


Zmail: Zero-Sum Free Market Control of Spam

B. J. Kuipers,

A. X. Liu,

A. Gautam,

M. G. Gouda (University of Texas at Austin)


Reconciling the Theory and Practice of (Un)Reliable Wireless Broadcast

G. Chockler,

M. Demirbas,

S. Gilbert,

N. Lynch,

C. Newport,

T. Nolte (MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab)


Improving Mutipath Reliability in Topology-Aware Overlay Networks

C. Tang ,

P. K. McKinley (Michigan State University)


An Optimal Snap-Stabilizing Multi-Wave Algorithm

D. Bein,

A. K. Datta (University of Nevada, :Las Vegas),

M. H. Karaata,

S. Zaman (Kuwait University)


Voting Multi-Dimensional Data with Deviations for Web Services under Group Testing

W-T. Tsai,

Y. Chen,

D. Zhang,

H. Huang (Arizona State University)


Bandwidth Clustering for Reliable and Prioritized Network Routing using Split Agent-based Method

C. X. Mavromoustakis,

H. D. Karatza (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)